Buying Or Renting Laser Stage Lights

You need to buy or rent a laser stage lighting but you’re working for a public body such as a governor of a school and it’s your responsibility to keep within a tight budget, where do you start? Here’s how! Your whole decision needs to take into account several factors, especially if you have restrictions to deal only with approved suppliers and whether the payments will allow for 30 day payments with proper invoicing, in which case you’re unlikely to deal with an amateur who has a kit of his/her own but has a great reputation. Nor are you likely to buy second-hand off eBay. So first off you know you’re looking for high reputation with experience of dealing with schools, colleges, universities, councils and who accept official purchase orders. This need not restrict your choice!

More and more medium to large-size establishments are opting to buy outright rather than rent and they need to look at how best to choose a decent, easy to use laser stage lighting equipment. But your boss refuses absolutely to buy, believing there really is no need to store and maintain an owned piece of kit. Luckily, the rental market is easy to access, but how do you choose which one when there are so many all offering the best, most exciting laser show for your party or show? As is often the case, word of mouth is a good start, don’t just search online but ask around as well is always the best advice. If you can ask local pubs, bars, restaurants, social clubs or even church hall party organisers about their choice it’s a good start!

One of the advantages of hiring a great stage light laser is having a maintenance/callout service available but beware always ask if they offer a trained electronics engineer service which is out-of-hours 24/7 to fit in with whatever the hours of your event cover. Next and equally important is having your laser stage lighting equipment fitted with noise/sound limiters fitted - it really needs to be a major consideration so do ensure that the hirer can offer you peace of mind about this!